The main credo of our company is the production and distribution of Italian traditional cheeses made with high-quality ingredients, without the addition of dyes, preservatives, additives, which often improve the flavor and texture, but compromise the genuineness of the final product, consequently, our cheeses are highly qualified and have an ancient taste with semi-artisanal processing.

     My name is Maria Eugenia Pusceddu, I’m a part of this amazing team and I would like to tell you a story. One of those stories which tells about people from other times. Those who believe in themselves and make a lot of sacrifices to realize their dreams. They deeply love their work, nature, and animals. 

     This is my father’s story. My grandmother always told about his strength, intelligence, and wilfulness. He was born in a small village where the main occupation was pastoralism and agriculture. He loved so much this life that his grandparents couldn’t control him and very often found him amid the small herd of cows milking them and drinking their milk or among the hens, sheep, or on a horse. He was just over three years old. In the school period, after school, he spent his time in the countryside grazing animals or making cheese the old-fashioned way with his father and brothers. My grandmother told me that he was thrilled to grow, improve and emerge. He didn't have an opportunity to grow up in a small village, that's why he had to choose, with great melancholy, a different path. But as with any passion and great love, the rout again led him to retrace his father's footsteps.

     It was 1994. This time in a distant country, Hungary, but with so much to offer. His Hungarian partner loved Galeotto - the hospitality of the people, the little bureaucracy, and above all the large extensions of the land. Which allowed him, with great sacrifices and with the external help of the banks, to claim ownership of one of the largest, most efficient, and technological stables in Hungary and Europe. Almost totally self-sufficient in the production of food products for our animals. I want to make it clear who my father is - who started with a small herd of 30 cows… and now we are at 3000.

     My father, however, came from a reality where everything was healthy and genuine and not contaminated. He wanted to remember the old flavors and for this, he has tried and still tries to limit all those products that are harmful to health to a minimum. That's why here we produce very high-quality milk. This picture was missing only one detail. Savor and be able to sell the cheese produced from the milk of his animals, according to the old local traditions. Here he gives life to a family-run cheese factory where very fresh dairy products are produced - without the addition of preservatives, with a milk flavor, and seasoned products with a strong flavor.

     But if by chance someone thinks that my father has finally stopped achieving his goals and passions, they are wrong …

     To be continued ...